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The Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album is an award presented at the Grammy Awardsa ceremony that was established in and originally called the Gramophone Awards, [1] to recording artists for quality works in the reggae music genre. Honors in several categories are presented at the ceremony annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States to "honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position".

Originally called the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Recordingthe honor was presented to artists for eligible songs or albums. The Jamaican group Black Uhuru received the first award in Beginning with the ceremony, the name of the award was changed to Best Reggae Album.

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Ziggy Marley holds the record for the most wins in this category, with seven wins as of Buju Banton 's real name Mark Anthony Myrie nomination for the award sparked controversy and protest due to homophobic lyrics within his music.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences responded by insisting that artists are honored for quality music "regardless of politics". Banton has been quoted as saying that he sees "no end to the war" between himself and gay men.

Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album

Banton was nominated in for the album Before the Dawn. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gregory Isaacs — Mr. General "Past Winners Search". National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Retrieved March 4, Note: User must select the "Reggae" category as the genre under the search feature. Los Angeles Times. Tribune Company. Archived from the original on March 9, Retrieved April 24, Archived from the original on October 27, Released in by an artist few had heard of, and the first album overseen by its producer, Laurence Lindo, Marcus Garvey is a landmark for roots reggae and made a lasting star of Winston Rodney, the lead singer and songwriter.

In fact, Burning Spear had been around sincemaking remarkable Rasta reggae, but had such a low profile as to appear anonymous. It made the Rasta lifestyle appealing in a way no other album had done before, and introduced a new generation to the philosophy of Marcus Garvey. You have two choices: the original version with one less track and a mix some fans see as more authentic, or the UK version, with an extra tune and a slightly faster tempo. But why choose?

Both have a place among the best reggae vinyl collections. Though his earlier material got the skinheads moving and is regarded as more fashionable, Funky Kingston was one of the best reggae vinyl underground hits when it was released in This sunny, straight-up soulful brand of chunky reggae still sounds fabulous, with Toots singing like a god, and his vocal companions, The Maytals, offering the perfect support. Underneath, the Dynamic Sounds house crew brew a morass of dancefloor-friendly, life-affirming delight.

Bob celebrates the weed in a mellow-minded remake of a wired opus, and does so in style. A party on plastic — style.

best reggae albums

Better make sure you write your name on it in case a row kicks off when the big lads turn up. Drawing only partially on their classic Studio One 45s for material, as in the title track, the album presents warm, unflustered roots reggae that is nonetheless utterly committed to their superb songs.

Super dub. In Lee Perry released this collection of ultramixed versions of some of his more commonplace material, plus some tunes hardly heard elsewhere, and it formed a seamless, heart-lifting listening experience. Deeper than the Mariana Trench, full of studio fug and mountain mists, denseness and wide-open spaces, this is 70s dub at its most realised. Or not so distant. Hip-hop culture had been massively influenced by reggae, and gave a lot back to Jamaican music in return, so this link-up between one of the legends of hip-hop and the MCing son of Bob Marley was logical.

Ambitious, unified, gutsy, accessible and uplifting, Distant Relatives is a marvellous album. Perhaps because his style was so original, he was not one of the DJ elite during much of the decade, battling on some way below the likes of U Roy, Dillinger and Trinity.

best reggae albums

He gathered pace, however, beginning with the mind-boggling title track, in which a chorus of Alimantados chanting different lines pile up over each other amid the sort of dub that clanking alien robots might party to.I love reggae!

Everyone loves reggae, or maybe more to the point, everyone loves Bob Marley. So much so that they are practically intertwined. Reggae is Marley and Marley is reggae. And fair enough. His albums have sold somewhere in the vicinity of 75 million copies! So it is of no surprise that to the majority of music-lovers Marley is the only taste of reggae in their musical collection. Debut album by former Marley sidekick, Bunny Wailer Livingston. Produced by Lee Perry, some would say his greatest achievement as a producer, where he showed considerable restraint to let some of the most beautiful reggae harmonies ever recorded, shine through.

The falsetto of Cedric Myton intertwined with the rich tenor of Roydel Johnson, magnificently channel Jamaican pride through these 10 majestic tracks. Despite the foreboding content, this is a great reggae album!

The 50 Greatest Reggae Albums

Ganja themes abound. Black Uhuru made some international waves with this album melding old school roots reggae instrumentation with the then new-school of synthesisers and electronic drums. Three years later they released a different version for the American market with some substantial changes to the track listing.

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Have a look at the cover of this album and you will see what I mean. But this eclectic mix of originals and sampled tracks, with the good Doctor toasting over the top, is a bona fide weirdo classic. Awesome engineering from the likes of Scratch Perry and Prince Jammy help make this a fairly unique outing.

Eccentric to the say the least, this album is guaranteed to bring a smile to your dial. Not all great reggae comes from Jamaica. Hailing from Birmingham U. K, their debut album was very well received by the mainstream and applauded for its strong political and anti-racial views.

And whilst the subject matter is not overly conducive to fun filled sunny afternoons, the music does the job every time!

best reggae albums

I hope you will give a couple of them a listen…. I love music. I mean I really, really love music. Music is my oxygen. I love to travel too. The music will always takes me somewhere. Bluesfest at Easter is my Christmas. Oh and I love vinyl. The sound, the smell and the feel.

The Foundation: 10 Classic LPs From Reggae's Golden Era

I read. And I still enjoy my Saturday morning coffee with newspaper spread in front of me. I despise commercial radio. I live in a busy household. My family is great. And loud. My stereo is louder! Like Like. One of the greatest songwriters in the history of music—in any genre.Great art knows no seasons. Nevertheless, some music is made for—or at least can be fully appreciated during—specific times of the year.

And so, since summer can be considered in full swing with the holiday weekend coming up, the time is right to talk about reggae. Where to begin? How about with the best. Released inHeart of the Congos is generally regarded as the greatest reggae album ever certainly the best roots reggae album.

Heart of the Congos is a sufficiently suitable title, but this album could very plausibly have been called Back to the Future. It is an uncanny document that in every facet—lyrically, vocally, sonically—seems to be stretching into the past even as it strains toward the future. Where virtually any reggae album of this or really, any time has the expected—even obligatory—shout-outs to Jah and the invocations of Rastafarianism, Heart of the Congos dives even deeper into biblical texts and—crucially—the civilization that preceded Jamaica, and everything else in the west: Africa.

It is spoken quoted as the voice of God literallybut more, the voice of memory, summarizing the story of our time on this planet. In other words, what Perry did does not merely epitomize ingenuity from the oldest of schools, it stands apart as an honest, utterly human artifact. It is at once eerie or, Irie and astonishing.

With one masterstroke, Perry makes the composition future-proof: it is already deconstructed on the first go round: no mash-ups or remixes then, now are necessary, or even possible, since the first version is already reworked as a work in progress and make no mistake: everyone with an MC or DJ before their name sprung forth from the tradition the mighty Upsetter originated.

Perry takes what would have been a stirring, melodic and beautiful song and makes it richer, messier, more complicated, and inscrutably tantalizing: he transforms a masterpiece into a miracle. This week we are celebrating the best post-punk albums of all-time and today we conclude with part five featuring Joy Division, Gang of Four, Talking Heads and more. The Missing Years reveals John Prine's ability to embolden the amusing and touching despite the underlying strife.

Fast and funny, the Chats' "dumb" punk record, High Risk Behavior, is smarter and more interesting than anything Muse has ever done. March's MetalMatters features extreme tunes to get you through difficult times. Hopefully, they will momentarily allow you to escape from this harsh reality. Eliese Colette Goldbach's memoir, Rust: A Memoir of Steel and Gritis the story of one descending into the depths of The American Dream and emerging with flecks of graphite dust on her cheeks, a master's degree in her hands, and a few new friends.

Ravi Shankar was bemused by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds and other bands using the sitar in rock music. Enjoy this excerpt from biography Indian Sunby Oliver Craske who worked with Shankar on his autobiographycourtesy of Hachette Books.

The Strokes' The New Abnormal is an unabashedly uninspired promotional item for their upcoming world tour. Veteran musician Keller Williams discusses his special relationship with the Keels, their third album together, Speedand what he learned from following the Grateful Dead. As much as I admire Shintaro Kago's oddness as a writer, his artistic pen is even sharper but not without problems as evident in Dementia Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad bring their live collaborative efforts with jazz veterans to recorded life with Jazz Is Deada taste of more music to come.

Anna Burch's sophomore album, If You're Dreamingis a jazzy, sophisticated, timeless joy from start to finish. All rights reserved. PopMatters is wholly independent, women-owned and operated.

Powered by RebelMouse. Heart of the Congos is generally regarded as the greatest reggae album ever. Pop Past. Books Memoir 'Rust' Wrestles with the Myth of the American Dream Eliese Colette Goldbach's memoir, Rust: A Memoir of Steel and Gritis the story of one descending into the depths of The American Dream and emerging with flecks of graphite dust on her cheeks, a master's degree in her hands, and a few new friends.

Books Shintaro Kago's 'Dementia 21' Showcases Surrealist Manga As much as I admire Shintaro Kago's oddness as a writer, his artistic pen is even sharper but not without problems as evident in Dementia MetalMatters: March - Self Isolation.

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You can alter this threshold from your profile page. Manage Profile.Edited By: Niels. Last Updated: For a short history of Reggae see Greatest Reggae Songs. East of the River Nile - Augustus Pablo Two Sevens Clash - Culture Fire House Rock - Wailing Souls Fever - Tenor Saw Super Ape - Lee "Scratch" Perry Truths and Rights - Johnny Osbourne Robin Hood - Barrington Levy Africa Must be Free by - Hugh Mundell Mister Yellowman - Yellowman Heart of the Congos - The Congos Equal Rights - Peter Tosh Big Ship - Freddie McGregor Kamikazi Dub - Prince Jammy Mundell - Hugh Mundell Sinsemilla - Black Uruhu Spread Out - Don Carlos Night Nurse - Gregory Isaacs Screaming Target - Big Youth Rasta Communication - Keith Hudson International Herb - Culture Protest - Bunny Wailer Fally Lover - Johnny Osbourne Dangerous Dub - King Tubby Simply put, reggae as a global phenomenon begins with The Harder They Come.

Before most people outside Jamaica could tell you who Bob Marley was, Cliff put the world on notice that something explosive was happening in downtown Kingston, with his role as Ivanhoe Martin in Perry Henzell's film.

best reggae albums

This release from pioneering singer Horace Andy—a man with a spooky, melismatic, highly influential vocal delivery full of vibrato arabesques—represents the transition from an era in which Studio One dominated with rocksteady a sound heavily based on jump blues and Motown to the post era of reggae proper. The title cut became Andy's signature tune, seeing countless remakes, including his comeback collaboration with Massive Attack in the '90s.

You couldn't start your reggae collection on a better cornerstone than the debut full-length from this most influential of artists. Back inTed Bafaloukos flew to Jamaica to make a reggae documentary. Byhe had a feature called Rockers. Don't bother watching for the plot poor dude buys bike, rich Mafia-ish dude steals poor dude's bike, poor dude steals bike back —you watch Rockers for the dazzling feats of Jamaica's fashion imagination: sweater-vests, tracksuits, sweater-vests with tracksuits, suits tailored for a wedding but put to better use at a party… The fashion bull's-eyes fill every frame, especially near the end, when the heroes assemble one by one, strutting into the scene like it's a catwalk.

Rockers seems styled without a second thought or a first one. But believing that would be a bad misread of the deliberately risky choices that happen with black glamour. And an underestimation of the Jamaican genius for using what you've got to Beau Brummell on a budget.

The 55 Greatest Reggae Albums of All Time

Marley's catalog is deep. But if you had to pick one shining moment as his Camelot, you'd set your time machine for On a trip to London, they persuaded producer Chris Blackwell to front them the cash to cut their own album.

The result? It was the birth of dub as reggae's parallel art form—and one that really demands its own Top Lee Perry may be best remembered for mentoring the Wailers. But his finest album statement is with this lesser-known harmony trio. The album was recorded in his legendary Black Ark studio at the height of his dub experimentation—before Perry supposedly burned it to the ground and refused to work with Rastafarians.

Studio One is the most important record label in Jamaican history. Started by ghetto entrepreneur Sir Coxsone Dodd, it captured the Zeitgeist of a newly independent Jamaica by releasing the upbeat, homegrown sounds of ska.

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As the music evolved to the more soulful sounds of rocksteady and finally to reggae and roots, Studio One was at the forefront. It helped that relative to other early label owners, Coxsone had a high tolerance for a Rastafarian presence in his studio. With the latter, their mission seemed to be to connect their devout Rasta philosophy to the soul and disco sounds of the wider world.

Inteenagers Althea Forrest and Donna Reid had an accidental hit when their playful response to another deejay's version of an old Alton Ellis song was inadvertently played on UK radio—and promptly went No. Producer Joe Gibbs quickly pulled together an album that paired the duo's breezy singsong with backing tracks by the Revolutionaries. Though often dismissed as one-hit wonders, they had a sound that's still addictive decades later—and proved influential by establishing the demand for female voices in reggae and the blueprint of childlike voices over tuff riddim.

There's a moment in any reggae dance when the jockeying for position is over and dancers lock in with their chosen partners. Things get serious—and much quieter. Hey, the room is only a few flimsy scraps of cloth away from an orgy. Hugh Mundell might be reggae's brightest star that never rose. Mundell was only Who knows what he might have accomplished had he lived to 31?

If Tubby presided over dub's birth, it became a movement with Scientist's '80s releases. His concept albums are full artistic statements that are far better remembered than the vocal tracks and albums they remixed.

They also influenced a whole host of UK sub-genres trip-hop, drum-and-bass, etc. Each song, or dub, works as a miniature revelation unto itself—psychedelic moments outside normal conceptions of time.

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